Tuesday, May 17, 2011

uncomfortable situations.

So I was fresh out of clean, cute undies. What did I revert to? My backups. You know, the ones that give me perma-wedgie. And you, my friends, are not getting a picture of that. Sorry to get your hopes up.

No seriously. Perma-wedgie can throw off your day. I would know, because I grew up with five brothers and had a perma-wedgie from ages 3 - 8. I think it may have permanently damaged my crack, so unless I get the hipster style from Victoria's Secret, those darn wedgies creep up on me again.

About throwing off your day....I had one of those days. You know the ones where everyone seems to pick on you for no good reason? Or one person singles you out as their "make Shelly feel like crap" project of the day? Yeah, one of those. Vertically challenged person at said place of employment decided to power trip on me to make me feel shorter than them. Did not work. Okay, a little bit. Where I wanted to go in the bathroom and cry. But I didn't. Go me.

So after a short venting session with my mother (bless her soul for listening), I was ready to go again. Ready to stick up for myself against that wedgie of a person who needs to wedge themselves in my "crack" just to bug me. I'm going to change my personal undies by "getting a new pair", or not caring what said person thinks. By just being me, and letting my new outlook replace that old, wedgie person. Hope that made sense. I was never too good at allegories.

So pick out your wedgie people....don't let them get to you. There's always a new pair out there.

Monday, May 9, 2011

come visit soon.

I bought these undies not quite knowing what I could wear them for. But they were in my size. And the style I like. And it just so happens that they fit perfectly for the past 24 hours of my life.

Forgive me for being slightly sentimental here. I took a quick trip up to Idaho for Mother's day. I was able to see my beautiful mother and sweet sister - both amazing, selfless mothers. (And a special shout out to my sister in Boise I didn't see!) I could not ask for better examples of wonderful women.

I could share countless stories of why momma is my hero...making me breakfast before I left for dance every morning, or bringing socks to school when I forgot an extra pair for after practice. But it all adds up to just one thing: my momma's massive and inextinguishable amount of love for her family. I am seriously and truly blessed to be born in the family I was.

There's this song by Vanessa Carlton (super girly, I know!) called Carousel. I'm a sucker for some gorgeous piano music and a pretty voice. Let it suffice me to say that every line in this song somehow relates to my life in the past year. I was seriously humbled to realize that in one way or another, I have always had love in my life because of my family. No matter what happens, they still love me for my silly and sometimes stupid self.

And that, my friends, is better than any silly boy's promises that will only be broken, or carton of Ben 'n Jerry's that will only go straight to my hips. I just needed to open up those big eyes of mine a little bit more and see how ridiculously lucky I am. Take a listen to the song if you like:

Keep an eye out for the official video with me, will you? It should be amazing. And the sheet music...so I can play it. Happy Momma's Day.

Friday, May 6, 2011

down & derby.

So lately I've been strapping four wheels onto each foot and attempting to look cool, a.k.a. roller derby! Probably one of the best decisions in my entire life. A workout that doesn't feel like a workout. Something that I feel pretty awesome even having the guts to try doing. And not to mention, all of the ladies that do it are ahhhh-ma-zing. Talented, beautiful, and friendly ladies. That clap for you when you fall down. It's a win-win situation.

The best thing about it all though, is the liberty to wear pretty much whatever you want and fit right in. In the derby dictionary, "no-pants" night = wear underwear or shorts so short they could be underwear with whatever choice of hosiery you prefer. The pair I wore the other night over some pink pantyhose:

 Why, hello there. These make me so happy. Not to mention I wore them to Piper Down afterwards with a few of the girls. The polite people were ones that actually asked instead of just staring.

One thing I've learned though, is derby isn't all about looking pretty. Those girls just make gliding around on skates look easy. If you still think it's easy, try to strap them on after 15 years and try to turn around in them. Not so easy. I'm in a beginning group (yay soy-cheezies!) and we pretty much do all sorts of drills to learn how to skate. Only after we start feeling comfortable on them do they throw us on the track and pray for our souls when someone throws a hit.

Out of all the different sports/yoga/pilates I've done, pretty sure derby takes care of the thighs like no other. A bonus for me since God truly blessed me in that area. Regardless of the workout and feeling cool in fishnets, I'll say it again. These women are amazing ladies that juggle all sorts of things in their lives and still manage to be derby girls. Love it.

If anyone would like more info, you can check out The Red Rockettes on facebook. It's a rec league with newbies and veterans alike all there for the sport.

You, too, can wear your fishnets and be proud...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

slightly scandalous. be warned.

Today I did the classic no-no. Wasn't supposed to buy anything...but then came across something I've been trying to find for over two years. A pink & sequin swimsuit. That actually fits. And...are you ready?...

Just a little sneak peak. I'm saving the rest for my trip to Maui in t-3 weeks. I know, I know. It's not "technically" underwear. But it's my blog, my rules. Anything scantily clad = underwear to me from now on. I just couldn't pass it up.

After buying it I went through the whole question thing in my head that every other girl (and their sister, and grandmother, and cute fluffy dog) does. At least I think so. How fat will I look in this? Will the sequins accent any jiggling that occurs? Does the pink give a highlight to the muffin top or draw attention to my tree trunk thighs?

I can seem pretty smiley and confident at times. But guess what? I have major insecurities, too. As well as every other girl (and boy) out there. I don't want this to turn into the classic "love yourself" talk, with Christina Aguilera crooning "you are beautiful" in the background, but really. Who is someone else to tell you what you should wear or what you should look like? Or who qualifies to wear a swimsuit and who doesn't? I found this lil' quote that's a wonderful reminder to at least fake it 'til I make it: When you are strong enough to love yourself 100%, good and bad - you will be amazed at the opportunities that life presents you.

I'm going to wear my pink sequin swimsuit, damn it, and I'm going to wear it well.