Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I love getting older.

Yeah, I just said that. I realized this morning that I've either been completely naiive my entire life, or just that I have an innate, undying sense of possibility.

I think I'll choose possibility.

Call it my rose-colored glasses of believing. It's funny how you get to know yourself as you get older. Yeah, I have an emotional relationship with myself. What's wrong with that? Not in like the multiple personality way. Just me getting to know me. And my tendencies. Habits. Likes/dislikes.

So bring on the freckles and little wrinkles to the sides of my eyes I get from laughing. I'm so ready for you.  

Friday, July 22, 2011


Yup, that's my new zip code in t-9 days. Saaaaan Diego. And yes, the above picture is the print on the underwear for moving day. I'm moving July 31, and things might actually be coming together:

1. The job: Yes, I have one. I'll be working at the Mid-City urgent care clinic for Rady Children's hospital. Now I just need to make sure on August 1st I get that nursing license squared away! Never thought getting a nursing license in another state would be such a series of hoops to jump through. My advice...pick a compact state.

2. The place: Yes, I have that as well! I'm going to be living in a teeny studio at crown point, a little residential area below Pacific Beach.

Which will be about 2 blocks, 5 minute walk, 2 minute bike, whatever you choose, to this:

Sail Bay. With a paved trail that wraps around the whole bay and connects down to Ocean Beach, and up north to Pacific Beach. Kill me now. Actually don't, because I really need some time to take this all in and actually use my beach cruiser.

Seriously, it's amazing how everything falls into place when it's supposed to. I hadn't even planned on living in this area, until I drove by the only afternoon I had to look at houses and came across the lovely little place.

I love answering questions about moving. Do you know anyone down there? No. Why are you moving? Because I can. I get some weird satisfaction about having all of the reasons and yet none of the reasons to move. My true honest-to-goodness answer is pretty simple - I need a change. I think anyone that knows me well enough would agree.

With moving across states always comes so much stress, but as things start to come together I realize I wouldn't change it for anything. New experiences = life, and I need to learn to deal with all of them. Even the experiences like having my car wig out the week before I move, or flooding the basement with the washing machine. Pretty sure those are all things teaching me to roll with the punches a little more. My next update will probably be from sunny San Diego :)