Friday, November 11, 2011

Mother Nature


I felt like writing. Should I talk about my amazing breakfast burrito I had last night? Or how excited I am to see my family for Thanksgiving? And to make these cute little turkeys with my nieces and nephews:

The best (and generally only) type of "craft" I do is an edible one. And these look very edible.

Then I remembered my blog is supposed to be about underwear. Stuff no one wants to talk about. But, you see, mother nature decides to stop by every once in awhile, and despite my best effort, ruins a pair of my beloved undies. Ugh. And no matter how much Oxy Clean you put on them, some colors are there to stay.

So what do you do with those? I'm not a hoarder. But I can't waste an *almost* perfectly good pair of panties. Solution: wad them up, put them in the corner of my undie drawer, and save them for the next time mother nature comes around. Problem solved.

I Googled this just out of curiosity. Funny what people Google. It's always comforting to know that someone else had the same stupid question, but they felt dumb enough to ask an actual person. Solution: Google it. Google doesn't get mad. It might say in a snobby voice "Didn't you mean..." if you didn't spell correctly....but still. That's the most rejection.

I stumbled upon a funny article. The dirty jokes are in the first paragraph so I suggest you skip them/not read it at all if you get offended easily.

the 5 types of period underwear

It made me laugh. Enjoy.