Sunday, August 7, 2011

i live in the prettiest. place. ever.

Okay, close to it. I made it. I made it I made it I made it. And in the end all of the money the stupid move cost will be worth it...right? That's what I keep telling myself. And it's probably not nice to call my move stupid since it's what got me to this wonderful place. Whoops.

I wear underwear here...just like I did in the SLC. It's not really any different. I need to get some new ones. The only thing that's different is it's kind of double's more humid here. We'll leave it at that. Cotton = sweat absorbency. I'm not talking sweaty guy at the gym with the ring of wetness from his back to his knees, I just get "misty" with all the humidity. TMI? Sorry.

So I've had a week off to move, settle in, and attempt to host visitors in my not-so-put-together apartment.  My sweet friend Jenna drove down with me, hauling a 5x8' trailer on the back of my Pontiac Grand Prix. Definitely not intended for towing, but we did it. Bless her little heart. And after two days of driving no more than 60 mph, turning off the air conditioning while going up hills to prevent overheating the car, in-n-out, and getting cut off by other cars every two minutes, we made it. Put all the boxes in the apartment and went to play at the beach.

Then 2 days later my sweet parents came to help settle me in. We went to La Jolla cove, shopped for tables, and spent some time at Pacific Beach...about 5 blocks from my house. Oh and saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Don't forget that. Here's some sunny cove shots...

My hair's cuter not wind-blown. I need a hat in beach pictures. I need to get some cute hats...

Momcat and the Daddo

Pacific Beach sunset. Seriously? Yeah, I live here. It's not quite settled in my head yet, but I'm sure it will be. This week: back to being nurse Shelly, and the Rosey Revenger in derby. And getting outdoor wheels so I can skate by the scenery. :)